First Glass Shower Comfort

Support since 2016 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Initial situation

PALME Shower Oases – First Glass Shower Comfort

For over 40 years PALME has been designing comfort for the bathroom with shower enclosures. Design, function, leading technologies and innovative strength distinguish the company and make PALME successful in Austria and other European countries. PALME also sets standards for glass partition and backwall systems as well as sanitary partitions.

Target group: private and professional customers (dealers, planners, architects, etc.)


New brand identity

PALME is the leading supplier of high-quality glass solutions for wet areas. This claim to leadership is communicated throughout, both visually and verbally.


New visual language:

  • PALME shower oases open a new world of well-being.
  • Comfort is at the heart of communication.
  • The shower is aesthetically staged as a place of well-being in oasis landscapes.
  • The product itself is shown without frills and clearly.


New claim – First Glass Shower Comfort:

  • clear differentiating leadership claim
  • names the core business units such as Shower and Glass
  • One-word equity (Comfort) and premium claim (First Glasss)
  • simple english wording

Employer Branding Campaign

The aim of the current employer branding campaign is to position PALME as an attractive employer, to evoke positive emotions and to arouse sympathy. Potential employees are to be addressed, and active employees are to be permanently tied to the company.


Clear and concise communication

A consistent line of communication across all media was implemented, which

  • for private customers, the products and services are presented in a high-quality manner and
  • to specialist customers strengthens the position as a 1st-choice partner.


Analog Media:

Redesign of catalogs and folders – novelty folder, B2C catalog and B2B catalog.

Product and image ads, posters, construction site signs, roll-ups, banners, highway advertising, T-shirt branding and trade show design.


Digital media:

  • Redesign of the website as a national flagship of the company
  • Design adjustments for newsletter, Facebook and Instagram