Now it's time to get down to business.

Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency
  • SMC Social Media Communications

Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

When boiled down becomes a poem.

Our campaign is now also on the radio. This resulted in two spots that captivate the listener through storytelling in rhyme form. The reduced production, which focuses on the essentials – just story and voice – ensures that the spots definitely stand out in every commercial break. REICHLUNDPARTNER Media made sure that this was actually the case on the web radio.

Radio spot cucumber

Radio spot apricot

We also illustrated one of the two stories and produced an animated video for online and social media use.


To the animation

Initial situation

A brand with cult potential

Under the myRex brand, the Austrian family-owned company Müller Glas carries a product line specifically designed for the end consumer. The range includes jars, bottles and accessories for canning in a wide selection. The iconic original Rex glass occupies a special position. REICHLUNDPARTNER developed a new brand identity for myRex, which can be seen primarily online.


To the videos


Communicate clearly and crisply

Einrexing not only has advantages for the environment, but is above all fun. To get the target group excited about myRex, we rely on bright colors and cheeky, often ambiguous headlines that emphasize the benefits of myRex. This approach is summed up by the new claim: “Now it’s time to get down to business.


Retro charm for digital channels

We created an independent myRex image style that is intended to whet the appetite for the colorful world of culinary ideas. Based on this, several image subjects and short videos were shot to be used on various social media channels. Furthermore, REICHLUNDPARTNER is co-responsible for the development of the new look myRex website. We provided structure, design and text for this platform, which provides preserving fans with tips, recipes and products from the integrated store.

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Muller glass

Muller glass

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