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Distribution area of the campaign: Upper Austria

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Initial situation

Mobile together towards the future

With the mobility initiative MOBIL ANS ZIEL, which is unique in Austria, the state of Upper Austria is sending a clear signal about the future. Our need for mobility is constantly increasing – so a functioning and, above all, climate-conscious infrastructure is crucial to a region’s attractiveness as a place to do business and live. For this reason, the state of Upper Austria invests in innovative transport solutions and motivates the population to switch to environmentally friendly means of transport. The state of Upper Austria has entrusted the Upper Austrian Transport Association with the communicative implementation of the mobility initiative. REICHLUNDPARTNER accompanies the exemplary initiative from the naming to the Upper Austrian wide-spread campaigns.

  • Mobil Ans Ziel Inserat


Step by step towards sustainability

Building on the 2021 campaign, in which dichotomous subjects juxtaposed the state to be avoided and the state to be strived for, in 2022 we will show colorful, dynamic subjects that revisit the distinctive dichotomy. A positive image is supplemented by a color area that fully emphasizes the wording and also prominently displays the appropriate mobility offer in each case: This can be the Climate Ticket Upper Austria, the Leisure Ticket Upper Austria or the invitation to form carpools with the DOMINO Upper Austria app. The population is encouraged to participate with the prompting wording “And you?”.

Radio spot bicycle


A campaign for the entire population

The mobility initiative is being made visible throughout Upper Austria with a broad-based campaign: In addition to activating radio spots, topic-specific OOH posters and poster dominations, streetcar and city bike branding, and bus rear banners, a cinema spot, which can also be seen on LT1 and is used in the online application in short versions specific to the topic, is particularly noteworthy in the classic media. A wide-reaching print campaign, social media activities, a new gamification ad and the inclusion of a competition ensure that each and every individual is activated to also get MOBIL TO THE DESTINATION.