Care since 2021 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area: international

Initial situation

More and more people are living on our planet. More people getting older. More and more people who also need more medical care. Our world therefore needs highly trained medical professionals more than ever.


The Netflix for medical professionals

MedYouCate is the new global learning platform in the medical field. It enables students and specialists in training to learn from top surgeons worldwide by explaining the latest surgical techniques directly in the operating room, preparing them didactically and making them available as videos-on-demand. In this way, the surgical knowledge of this world is networked into a Global Brain. REICHLUNDPARTNER is responsible for the development of the platform and its orientation and was significantly involved in the production of the technical content.


All in!

With active support from the various REICHLUNDPARTNER units, MedYouCate was launched: The creative minds of the advertising agency conceived a corporate design perfectly tailored to the brand and helped with the production and animation of the high-end videos from the operating room. REICHLUNDPARTNER Digital was responsible for programming the online platform.

Coming soon

MedyouCate is just the beginning