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Initial situation

Creativity for a climate-neutral Austria

Austria is to become climate-neutral by 2040 – the Climate and Energy Fund has been supporting the Austrian federal government in this ambitious goal since 2007 with its funding and initiatives. An overview of all measures, info tools, publications, as well as the various funding programs and how they are used in the context of individual flagship projects is provided year by year in the Fund’s activity report. Our task was to design the report in a visually appealing and clear manner, to convey the complex content precisely and in a way that was easy to understand, and to prepare the presentation of the report.

  • Klima- und Energiefonds Schmuckseite4


Clear structure, flexible to use

With a flexible, rich layout, we have created the basis to be able to design the individual documentations we have researched and textually prepared in each case in a well-structured yet varied manner. Large decorative headlines and expressive images structure the chapters and make you want to read on. Since we want our readers to read the entire report, we have included a crossword puzzle, the answers to which can be found throughout the report.


Making sustainable visible

In order to give equal weight to the two areas of responsibility of the Climate and Energy Fund, we have ensured a balanced presentation of the research and business aspects in the text and graphics. This balance is noticeable both in the general section on the priorities of the Climate and Energy Fund and the challenges of climate change and in the report section on the individual projects and funding measures.

ForCO2-neutral production, the choice fell on 100% recycled paper, mineral oil-free plant-based inks, cellophaning made from corn starch, and a print shop with its own photovoltaic system. The activity report, which is of high quality both visually and haptically, was ceremoniously presented at the traditional garden party of the Climate and Energy Fund and now serves as an attractive source of inspiration for all those who want to help shape a future worth living.