Support since 2017 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: CEE

Initial situation

Type 2 diabetics have to deal with many secondary diseases.

Many people are not aware that the consequences of type 2 diabetes include a significantly increased cardiovascular risk. Therefore, patients should be advised to think about their heart.


The point is to reach exactly those people who are personally affected.

In order to minimize wastage, the aim was to choose an image that would immediately catch the eye of every (type 2) diabetic. This visual eye-catcher was found in the classic situation of a blood glucose measurement.


An idea was developed that hits right at the heart.

By transforming the drop of blood on the fingertip into a heart shape and combining it with an informative headline, we address the target group precisely and in a very emotional way.


To the spot

Advertising material

Type 2 diabetics should be targeted through a variety of channels.

Ads, banners, a 30-second TV spot, as well as brochures, posters and roll-ups were designed for the campaign. Together with the association CARE 4 YOUR HEART, the website was also developed, which provides information on the topic of diabetes and secondary diseases and is continuously expanded with current relevant articles.