Give me a moment

Care since 2022 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: Lower Austria

  • Augenblick Plakat Smartphone

Initial situation

More consideration in road traffic

Mobility is extremely important for all of us – and new trends are making it more and more diverse and active. This is good for the environment and also for health. Due to the encounter of the most diverse means of transport and participants, mutual consideration and visibility become especially important. A quick look directly into the eyes can clear up many misunderstandings and ambiguities. Therefore, the province of Lower Austria and Radland Niederösterreich want to remind exactly of this view with an “eye-catching” campaign.


One word sums it up

It’s all about the moment: the moment when the traffic situation is decided and the look you exchange with the other person. We sum up both aspects succinctly and invitingly with the campaign statement “Give me a moment,” accompanied by a pair of sympathetic eyes. The subjects show different delicate situations from the perspective of a road user and thus immediately put the viewer into the subject.

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Visibility creates safety

Being visible to others is not only important in road traffic. The effectiveness of a campaign also depends on it. Therefore, we have developed a media plan that builds on already existing initiatives of Radland Niederösterreich and focuses especially on users of active forms of mobility. From print ads, 16- and 24-sheet posters, City Light and bus and bike wraps to websites, online banners and full-screen branding to attractive and themed giveaways and PR support, the range of measures used to reach all target groups and motivate them to participate is extensive.