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Distribution area of the campaign: Austria

Initial situation

Dyeing made easy

BeautyLash is a brand of GW Cosmetics, a globally successful Austrian manufacturer of hair, face and body care products. The BeautyLash brand offers women the opportunity to tint their own eyebrows and eyelashes at home – these tinting kits are certified vegan, among other things. But even though it’s easier than ever to use, the barrier to purchase is too high for many women.


Positioning with feel-good factor

We want to lower this inhibition threshold by communicating the greatest advantage of the quick and easy-to-use BeautyLash products: When you tint your eyebrows and eyelashes, you naturally look slightly made up – without any makeup, mascara, etc. Hence the new brand claim: Be made up without makeup. In this way, we want to give young women the self-confidence to always feel comfortable in their skin, even if they are not wearing any makeup at all.


Visuals that catch the eye

#LessIsMore – under this hashtag or campaign claim, we encourage the target group to forego too many layers of makeup on their faces, while also saving time in front of the mirror. After all, for young women, less makeup means more time for more important things, such as more dates, more girls’ meetings, and thus more things to talk about. In the imagery, we stay close to the product and show extreme close-ups of eyebrows without makeup and eyelashes colored with BeautyLash.

By means of advertisements, OOH campaign and a representation at the beauty trade fair GLOW, the new brand appearance 2019 of BeautyLash will be staged. Subsequently, the brand is supported primarily digitally through content marketing activities as well as programmatic campaigns and in social media.


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