Live Demo: Increase your agency’s profitability by 25%

How to adapt your rate renegotiation strategy to increase your agency’s profitability.

To adapt your rate renegotiation strategy, one of the essential elements is accurate information about the hours invested in your operation.


✔ Reduce unidentified time deviations

✔ Reduce unaccounted rework

✔ Prepare the budget with accurate information


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What to expect from the webinar:

It’s important to highlight that there are different elements to achieve increased profitability in your operation. And no, we’re not talking about working more hours or simply increasing the workload.

Through the implementation of COR, agencies around the world have been able to improve it by up to 25%incrementally. This is partly due to being able to identify deviations that occur in each project and how to renegotiate fees with accurate information about your operation.

She will explain how agencies can adapt their rate renegotiation strategies, achieving a 36% increase in billing and a 25% increase in profitability.