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Initial situation

New Times.
New Food.

The Austrian brand vegini has enriched the vegan assortment in the domestic food trade since fall 2017. Unlike conventional “meat substitutes”, vegini is not made from soy, but from peas. What makes it special is that vegini is 100% natural, free of soy, GMOs, gluten, lactose and additives, has more protein than a steak, similar cooking and bite characteristics to meat and is more environmentally friendly in production. In short: vegini is good for people, animals and the environment.



I love chicken.
That’s why I eat vegini.

The campaign, which was launched by REICHLUNDPARTNER under the motto of New Times. New Food. developed picks up on one of the main motives for avoiding meat: the rejection of factory farming. The subjects therefore show self-confident people holding a chicken, a pig or a turkey protectively in their arms. With ambiguous wording, animal-friendly vegans and vegetarians are to be addressed just as much as flexitarians who like to have something bite-sized between their teeth. The Appetite Appeal must not be missed!


Attention on all channels

The campaign was created with the involvement of all REICHLUNDPARTNER units. In addition to advertisements in selected target group magazines and in trade media, selectively distributed radio spots also attract attention. In the digital sphere (online and social media), targeting is used to get the messages to exactly the right woman. There will also be a new website including an online store. All activities are also accompanied by PR.