Support since 2014 by:

  • REICHLUNDPARTNER advertising agency

Distribution area of the campaign: international

Initial situation

Innovation is our business.

This is the motto of Business Upper Austria, the new business agency of the province of Upper Austria. As a new one-stop store, Business Upper Austria supports companies from Upper Austria and abroad with customized services. The focus is on location development, cooperation, funding advice and strategies.


Own appearance for newly created business agency

The strategy was to give the newly founded Business Upper Austria an independent appearance. The slogan “innovation is our business.” created by REICHLUNDPARTNER. is the program, since innovation is the linchpin of Business Upper Austria’s entire range of services. The rings of the new logo stand for the merger of the previous companies Oö. Technologie- und Marketinggesellschaft (TMG), Clusterland OÖ, CATT Innovation Management and OÖ Wirtschaftspark GmbH, from which Business Upper Austria has now emerged.


Uniform and modern appearance

REICHLUNDPARTNER Advertising and REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing are responsible for the communications presence. In addition to the name, the logo and the entire corporate design, a high-quality image folder also ensures consistent branding of the new business agency. And Business Upper Austria also presents itself in a modern and clear way on the web.