Here are some interesting statements from today.

See for yourself what opportunities lie ahead.

"We no longer deliver advertising without real-time analysis of the advertising environment and assessment of whether that information is relevant to a specific user at that specific moment."
Scott Young, Conversant

 "90% of user profiling data is junk. We only trust data that we generate ourselves. But that requires our own attractive content channels that users also interact with."
Julie Fleischer, Kraft Foods

"50% of digital ads are not seen. Clear viewability standards are needed. The goal is 100% viewability ... and we solve the fraud cases in cooperation with the FBI"
Rob Norman, GroupM

"The frequency of the circuit is irrelevant compared to the viewing time. The new metric will be CP10/20/30 (what does 10, 20, 30 sec. of continuous advertising contact cost). Time capping is more correct than frequency capping."
Sheenan Reed, MEC

 "Stop texting your customers. Content per se does not create value. Value is only created through interaction with content."
"It's all about creating brand impressions, not content or ad impressions."
Adam Kleinberg, Traction

"Readers of a company's employees' private social channels are typically 10x as many as the readers of the company's own communications. And that's not to mention the authenticity and personal relevance of the message. Trust your employees, let them write!"
Dan Roth, Linkedin

"The agency of the future is a fusion of know-how in marketing and technology. Creativity as we now know and expect from agencies needs to be expanded to include creativity in leveraging technological capabilities and mining, analyzing and targeting user-centric data."
Michael Roth, Interpublic

"All the impressive advertising ideas of late have been ideas to use media innovatively."
Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King

 "It's not about great content, it's about great customer relationships."
Ashley Kaplan, Fullscreen

"Don't focus your communications on selling, focus on solving your customers' problems."
Tressie Lieberman, Taco Bell

"I'd like to have more data analysts in my agency."
Winston Binch, German North America

"We don't write briefings. We develop campaigns WITH the agency that understands us."
Omar Johnson, Beats Electronics

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