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Distribution area of the campaign: Germany, Austria

Initial situation & strategy

Known around the world

In 1865, Peter Reber opened the first Reber Confiserie Konditorei Café in Munich; today, Confiserie Paul Reber GmbH in Bad Reichenhall is still family-owned. Especially with the “Echte Reber Mozart-Kugel” the company achieved worldwide success. About 500,000 balls are produced per day and exported worldwide. This makes Reber the world’s largest manufacturer of premium Mozartkugeln.

REICHLUNDPARTNER’s strategy is to give the traditional company Reber a modern, future-oriented communications presence – without forgetting its roots, which go back 150 years.

It is precisely in this combination of tradition and modernity that the attraction and challenge for REICHLUNDPARTNER lie.


New advertising presence for the highly refined Reber Confiseries

In a first step, a photo shoot was carried out at the flagship store in Bad Reichenhall as well as in the two Salzburg stores at Alter Markt and Getreidegasse. The focus was on motifs relating to premium quality, tradition, ingredients, appetite appeal, enjoyment at Café Reber and more.

Another ingredient in the communications recipe is the new website. The Reber website and the Reber online store shine in completely new splendor.

Both websites were programmed by REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing in Responsive Design, whereby the content automatically adapts to computer, tablet and smartphone screens. In addition, both websites are search engine optimized. Soon, the first Reber eNewsletter in a new design will also whet your appetite for highly refined confectionery from Reber.