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Initial situation

Health from a single source.

The Health Park of the Sisters of Mercy Ried is the health care provider for prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and care in the Innviertel. Through a holistic concept, people are to be supported in becoming healthy and staying healthy.


The effectiveness of nature.

Home remedies should be shown as an alternative to rushing to the doctor’s office in order to promote awareness of the problem of overcrowded outpatient clinics.


Old home remedies rediscovered.

In personal interviews, the sisters and experts of the Sisters of Mercy Ried revealed their secret recipes and gave us their ancient knowledge for the natural treatment of colds, headaches and many other ailments. We packaged this knowledge, in cooperation with Story One, into the book “Old Home Remedies Rediscovered,” which is available at BHS Ried as well as at the local Thalia store.