Sound Studio & Multimedia

Studio e, under the direction of Christian Enzenhofer, has been our preferred partner for sound productions for over 20 years. studio e stands out as a recording studio not only because of its international network of actors and voice actors from all over the world, but also because of its unique expertise in the production of advertising jingles and film scores. Thus, the studio is in contact with over 50 professional musicians internationally. In the field of multimedia production, studio e relies on the latest technologies.

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Podcast Studio

REICHLUNDPARTNER has expanded its service portfolio with a joint venture called wepodit GmbH. Wepodit is a young, dynamic team that understands the power of auditory content. Podcasts are her passion. Our strategists, creatives and conceptual designers work closely with the wepodit team to create the best possible outcome for your business. A good symbiosis between a young team and 33 years of marketing experience.


Design & Technology Studio

Responsive Spaces, led by Markus “MMeX” Pargfrieder, is our preferred partner for the design and realization of brand experience worlds. Responsive Spaces stands out for its expertise in connecting digital media, technology and physical space. As a result, they enable a unique interactive experience and the customer is actively involved in the brand message.

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Film production

Crazy Film Production, headed by internationally awarded filmmaker Alexei Sigalov, is our preferred partner for digital film productions. Crazy Film produces corporate films, explainer videos, TV spots, cinema spots and social media films at the highest level for REICHLUNDPARTNER.

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