Strategie Austria

The association aims to communicate knowledge and trends, as well as possibilities for strategic planners.

Hamburg School of Ideas

The Hamburg School of Ideas trains copywriters and conceptionists, the best minds of the creative industry.

Marketing Club Linz

The Marketing Club Linz is an independent platform that promotes a creative dialog for all kind of questions regarding market-oriented business management.

Marketing Club Österreich

Platform for information and communication of Austria’s marketing industry.

Österreichische Marketinggesellschaft

Platform for knowledge and expertise

Vereinigung Österreichischer Industrieller

The Union of Industrialists (Industriellenvereinigung IV) is an interest group on a voluntary basis. It aims to sustainably represent the interests of its members in Europe and Austria.

WKO, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber represents more than 450.000 associated businesses. It strives for a future-oriented and pro-business policy.

Senat der Wirtschaft

The Senate of Economy is an association that promotes the local, national and international development of the economy.

Forum Mediaplanung

A panel for media communication and exchange of questions concerning media.

Verein Mediaanalyse

The Media Analysis Association aims to facilitate its members’ access to an objective image of the population’s media and consumer behaviour in Austria.

ÖWA, Österreichische Webanalyse

The Austrian Web Analysis is an association of online providersand advertising agencies. Membership is based on a voluntary basis.

CCA, Creative Club Austria

One of CCA’s most important aims is the promotion of creativity in Austria.


The world´s largest independent network of advertising agencies spanning more than 65 countries.

ÖAK, Österreichische Auflagenkontrolle

Its aim is to acquire, provide and publish comparable, objectively ascertained documents about the distribution of print media and other advertising related media.

IGMA, Interessensgemeinschaft Mediaagenturen

The association Interest Group of the Media Agencies has the purpose to promote common entrepreneurial interests of the Austrian advertising companies, in particular those of the media and advertising agencies.