Always good for the image: REICHLUNDPARTNER with impact strong staging of OÖNachrichten


Always good for the image: REICHLUNDPARTNER with impact strong staging of OÖNachrichten


With an oversized 144-sheet poster including format blasting, REICHLUNDPARTNER ensures a befitting staging of OÖNachrichten - and this on one of the busiest streets in Linz's central area.
As part of the new campaign "We are making a strong case for Upper Austria!", REICHLUNDPARTNER presents to the general public who is responsible for the content of the traditional Linz newspaper. Behind the edited information are more than 100 professional journalists who work for the people in the country and provide them with genuine Upper Austrian quality journalism.

At the same time, however, the trend towards cross-media usage is being taken up, which fundamentally changes the news business. And so all the devices that we use to read newspapers today are displayed in the campaign sujets.
Even more important, however, is the core message of the new campaign, namely that even with the new forms of obtaining information, well-trained journalists are still behind the headlines - at least if one reads the OÖNachrichten. Because especially younger target groups often can not appreciate the quality of professionally prepared information. Therefore, we are pleased that OÖNachrichten is also read by people between the ages of 15 and 29, as the latest SPECTRA brand study shows.

However, the fact that 40% of the respondents and 71% of the OÖN main readers remember the campaign motifs from REICHLUNDPARTNER is particularly pleasing. In a blind presentation of the main subject, even a quarter of all respondents who had noticed the poster could spontaneously and appropriately reproduce the corresponding core message "We make a strong commitment to Upper Austria!".
The 144-sheet poster with its eye-catching format blasting is the current highlight of the campaign. It will now provide additional attention in October, strengthening Upper Austria's significance for Upper Austria.