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The agony of choice in making the right technology decision

We are constantly evaluating new content management systems and new development frameworks. Therefore, we know how tedious it is to decide on a technology. We are therefore happy to advise you on which technology best suits your project and look not only at the status quo, but also at the future journey of where your project is heading. Sustainability in the choice of technology is a major concern for us.


For simple & medium websites & eCommerce stores


For complex web applications, platforms & marketplaces


For medium & complex eCommerce stores


The no-code solution for small eCommerce stores


The no-code solution for micro websites & landing pages


The headless solution for small and medium sized webapps


The most advanced wordpress suite for small and medium size websites

Design tool

We create the UI/UX design and design systems in Figma. Figma is currently the most advanced and best tool on the market for digitally designing eProducts. In Figma, designs can be created dynamically. We can animate elements and create click prototypes. Behind every web design of ours lies a design system. A design system is like a PowerPoint master slide. This allows changes to be adapted globally in retrospect. We define sizes of buttons, fonts and other components with a formula, making the components look great and behave ideally responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop according to best-practice.

CRM & marketing automation

We believe that CRM systems are the key to long-term business success. A CRM is like a memory in which all information flows together. All data that is generated should flow together here. In the next step, a good CRM like Hubspot provides the fundamentals for marketing personalization. This way, different target groups can be addressed individually: Whether on a website, on social media ads or in newsletter marketing. We are a Hubspot partner and will be happy to advise you!

Newsletter marketing

Newsletters still offer a great way to keep your users up-to-date outside of the website. Content is king and the be-all and end-all of a good newsletter. We rely on Mailchimp and Emarsys. The tools offer an easy way to prepare newsletters yourself, for which we will develop a nice template for you. We are also happy to take care of the content preparation and design for your newsletters.

Project management

To enable smooth job processing, we rely on the project management tool Jira. This is the perfect way to handle larger projects in an agile manner. After conception, the project is broken down into tasks for design, front-end, back-end and project management. Our customers can also be invited to Jira for their project if they wish, so that the progress of the project and the efforts are transparently available to you in real time. The documentation of the project is done in the subsidiary tool called Confluence.

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