The campaign developed by Reichl und Partner on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) is intended to contribute to greater safety on Austria's roads. Under the title "Steer your own destiny", the dangers of inappropriate speed and its consequences are pointed out.

The core objective of the road safety campaign, which will run from fall 2016 to spring 2017 in all media channels, is the prevention of traffic accidents due to excessive or inappropriate speed. Middle-aged men are particularly at risk. They often rely too heavily on their driving skills as well as the technical sophistication of their car.

"Often it is our 'home route' that tempts us to drive too fast. We are not concentrated, distracted, with our thoughts already at home... The consequences can be fatal. Our campaign is intended to make clear that it is important to always drive 'with your head'. This is the only way to be aware of your surroundings and to adapt your speed to the prevailing conditions", explains Karin Buemberger, creative project responsible person with Reichl and partner.

Presentation of the 2016/17 road safety campaign "Steer your own destiny".
(from left to right: Dr. Othmar Thann, Jörg Leichtfried, Michael Piber)

Re-enactment of the infamous moment of shock

The TV spot takes the viewer on a ride that starts out innocently enough. However, a glance at the driver's watch shows that he is in a hurry to get home. The navigation system already suspects that life will be turned upside down (literally) in a few hundred meters if the man behind the wheel does not adjust his speed to the road conditions in time. The drama culminates in the well-known moment of shock, which the viewer experiences acoustically and thus emotionally experiences the consequences of inappropriate driving.

All advertising materials are accompanied by the call to action "Adapt speed - on all roads!" . In print, the main causes of unfocused and subsequently inappropriate driving are made the subject of discussion: time pressure, overestimating oneself, and the "autopilot" effect. In addition to television, billboards and advertisements, there are also two radio waves designed to reach the target group via car radio - directly on the spot, so to speak. The campaign is supplemented by accompanying social media activities.

"The entire campaign was developed taking into account the latest traffic studies. The results of the EU project CAST (Campaigns and Awareness-Raising Strategies in Traffic Safety), which provides fundamental insights for communication in connection with road safety, were also incorporated." explains Michael Piber, managing director of Reichl and partner, the approach with the conception and hopes that the campaign leads to a reorientation in the core target group.

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