"Many large media agencies slept through their future. Now they are struggling to survive."

"Conditions are out, brains are in."

Was that what the 90s and the first decade of the new millennium were all about, that multinational agency networks in particular have sent their media agencies into the condition war,clients are increasingly demanding strategic and tactical planning quality.this requires a completely different planning approach than the multinationals are pursuing.agencies must learn to think holistically again, creation must also increasingly be tailored to the channels," says Rainer Reichl, CEO REICHLUNDPARTNER Media. 

"It's no longer just about how much a media agency costs, it's about what it's capable of delivering and how well it can coordinate and optimize digital, analog and social media channels."

Of course, this also includes comprehensive technical know-how, which we at REICHLUNDPARTNER eMarketing have built up over decades, fresh know-how that relates to social media, which is why we have our own highly specialized unit, SMC SocialMedia Communications, which is one of the best social media agencies in Austria.

CEO - Mag. Rainer Reichl 

"Media planning is knowledge management, you don't just make good plans with great media tools, you need real planning expertise. And this development has been missed by the work-sharing, profit-seeking, multinational media agencies."

In addition, the pendulum of globalization has reached its peak and local and social conditions are now once again increasingly being taken into account in planning. It makes sense to know the realities of a country, and our two locations in Vienna and Linz do that well! "All this strengthens us a lot. REICHLUNDPARTNER Media is booming, but not because we are the cheapest, quite the opposite, we turn down pitch invitations that are only focused on conditions," says Rainer Reichl, CEO of REICHLUNDPARTNER Media

"The media agency landscape is fragmenting."

Global players among the media agencies are posting huge losses, and what are they doing? They open creative departments. The holistic full-service advertising agency that was declared dead is suddenly gaining in importance again. An opportunity for many, smaller agencies, Son also for REICHLUNDPARTNER Media. 

Bottom line:   "The truth is in the whole, and that's especially true for us media agencies."