The innovative Upper Austrian brick company Eder ( has developed a new type of brick after the plane brick. So far, so great. But how do you communicate the rational advantages of this innovation in an emotionally appealing, memorable and sales-promoting way? This is where the Linz-based advertising agency Reichl und Partner comes in.

The brick is filled with the purest mineral wool flakes and is one hundred percent natural product. It ensures naturally healthy living and offers an unprecedented combination of advantages of the best thermal insulation and soundproofing. With the natural filling and its 50 cm wall thickness, it also saves any additional external thermal insulation, usually consisting of not very natural materials.

Eder brick: Key Visual Pure Biomagic

Key Visual Pure Biomagic

Eder V50 - the first wholemeal brick in Austria. Reichl und Partner starts with naming and positioning. Eder V50 is the name given to the new brick and it is positioned as Austria's first full-value brick. The dynamic V stands for full value and 50 for the wall thickness. The word full value associates both the naturalness and the type of brick as a fully filled brick and makes you think of the values in thermal insulation, sound insulation. The new brick is simply "Pure Biomagic". An integrated campaign is being developed under this motto and with an equally emotional key visual. Advertisements, posters, radio, a regional TV spot, an information clip on the Internet and PR measures effectively convey the innovation and advantages to the market and customers in a coordinated manner. Reichl und Partner shows once again: successful communication is not magic.

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