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Brucknerhaus Website

Initial situation

Change at the Brucknerhaus

The Brucknerhaus has long been an international fixture on the Upper Austrian cultural scene. When Dietmar Kerschbaum took over the artistic direction, the communication appearance of the Brucknerhaus was also rethought. On the one hand, a strong reference to the namesake Anton Bruckner was to be created, but on the other hand, the future orientation of the house was to be emphasized.


A meaningful logo

The core of the new communication appearance is a dynamic logo. It is inspired by the musical, but also architectural peculiarity of the Brucknerhaus. This is because it uses “soundwaves” reflected in the flow of the Danube to recreate the striking silhouette of the Brucknerhaus. The type of soundwaves can vary from season to season or from theme to theme – and can also be animated. The overall result is a lively brand identity that portrays the Brucknerhaus as a diverse venue open to musical and cultural diversity.


The logo sets the tone

Based on the new logotype, an entire corporate design was created, which will gradually be applied to all advertising materials. The Brucknerfest 2018 made the start, followed by the 2018/19 season program, for which, for example, the entire program catalog as well as posters and billboards were designed, and currently the cover for the Brucknerfest 2019.