Corporate publishing for business success: Daniela Strasser and Michael Piber in conversation

How does corporate publishing work? What added value does it offer a company? And what services does REICHLUNDPARTNER offer in this area? Questions about questions - We asked two communication luminaries from advertising and PR for an interview.

The two RUP managing directors Daniela Strasser and Michael Piber are real experts when it comes to corporate publishing. This refers to a company's targeted communication with its stakeholders across all media genres. The company thus becomes a publisher itself and produces, for example, customer magazines, employee magazines and annual reports, but also online media such as newsletters, videos, blogs or social media posts.

Why is corporate publishing so important, especially in today's world? What is the added value for companies, employees and customers?

Corporate publishing today offers companies endless opportunities to communicate with their target audiences. In doing so, the values and identity of the company can be optimally transported. The decisive factor is that the company offers the customer or even the employees added value in the process - in an informative and also entertaining way. It must position itself as an expert and become the first and reliable point of contact.

Corporate publishing is one of the most valuable tools for employee and customer retention, making them feel more connected to the publishing company. But that's not all: corporate publishing also enhances the company's image in the industry and in the public eye. Sales can also be increased with targeted theme and product placements

What does REICHLUNDPARTNER do in this area?

As a true full-service agency, we offer our clients a complete package. We accompany and support companies from the first step of planning the magazine to the finished, hot-off-the-press issue. Our PR agency takes care of the editorial planning and texting of all articles. The advertising agency takes care of the layout and graphic design. Our interdisciplinary teams work closely together to ensure that all our customers benefit from our expertise in the best possible way.

The REICHLUNDPARTNER Communications Group teams have produced a combined total of about 10,000 pages for customer and employee magazines over the past five years. One of our most successful projects, for example, is the Eurogast Journal. We created a quarterly customer magazine for the catering wholesaler - with articles on all aspects of catering and food trends. In the process, we conducted interviews with renowned star chefs, followed the latest food trends and provided insights into the company. We also constantly update the Eurogast blog with with varied, inspiring content:

How is a magazine created?

When a client decides to produce a magazine, the first step is for us to sit down together and determine what exactly the company wants to achieve with its publication and in what form a magazine makes sense for the desired target group. Then it's on to designing the editorial content. Depending on the topic, we receive input from the customer, conduct our own research or interview relevant experts in the respective field.

After proofreading the texts, the advertising agency works on the graphic implementation based on the respective corporate design. For the design, she either uses existing image material or we organize photo shoots - for example for the magazine cover or for interviews.

Once all the graphic content has been set, the customer usually receives a first reading copy. After that, his change requests are incorporated until the final version is ready.  The magazine is printed by our partner printers, who then send the finished copies directly to the customer or to any other desired delivery address - whether in Germany or abroad.

At REICHLUNDPARTNER we deliver all these services in one package. The result is impressive. Of course, we can also communicate the finished articles in the best possible way via social media or website and newsletter channels. In the same way, they can be prepared for video or podcast content, as we did for DADAT, for example:

Daniela Strasser, Managing Director of REICHLUNDPARTNER PR GmbH, has been working in the communications industry for more than 16 years. She gained her first experience at the daily newspaper "Presse" and at the ORF. She brings valuable experience in business and corporate PR as well as health and brand PR. The networked thinking of the holistically structured agency group comes naturally to the communications expert.
Michael Piber is the managing director of REICHLUNDPARTNER Werbeagentur GmbH. The graduate in business administration has more than 20 years of experience in the field of marketing and communication. He worked for 10 years in the branded goods sector in leading positions at Mondelez before joining REICHLUNDPARTNER in 2009, where he serves well-known clients in the FMCG, SERVICE, RETAIL and B2B marketing sectors.